To get Psyched is to liberate from what binds

All of our programmes have been designed to develop the individual from the inside out, allowing them to flourish and helping them 'be more'.

THE WHY of Psyched

Our embodied experience is forever – it is not facilitated by intellect. In order to grow ourselves we need to do things differently to create other experiences and inspiration. This in turn creates changes in our state that engages our emotions and activates creativity.

Our programmes have been designed to tackle a wealth of challenges that are created by modern life, be it ill health, stress, conflict, relationships, anxiety, poor performance or low esteem to name but a few. We aim to move you swiftly back to a place of healthy balance.

Our guiding psyched principle is to take you away and give you the space to ‘be more’. neuroscience tells us that it is only by removing ourselves from the barrage of external stimuli, useful or not, that we can reconnect both physically and mentally, emotionally and cognitively, to what matters most and access the parts of our minds where true creativity can flourish.


THE WHAT of Psyched

Through our programmes we aim to develop you from the inside to the outside, building and strengthening your core being and developing a greater connection to your instinct, your intuition and your internal processes.

We work with you on physical, emotional, biological, relational and psychological levels in order to support your growth as a whole.

Together we will create the experiences that foster innovation by bringing together the people and creating the space required to further inspire. It is a constant process of discovery where you absorb the useful, reject the useless and add what is specially your own. Through this we will develop a community of leaders who inspire, ignite and impact on the different dimensions of individuals, teams and organisations.


THE HOW of Psyched

All of our programmes are uniquely tailored to the needs and requirements of the individual, team or organisation. Ultimately we are driven by delivering more success back to your business and we fundamentally believe that self-knowledge is a critical component of this, and allows us to understand the world in a more accurate way.

Our programmes focus on the whole self and how each individual participant interacts with his or her own environment. From adrenal and heart rate variability monitoring to leadership coaching and executive psychotherapy, each programme aims to achieve maximum wellbeing, where every part of the self is working optimally. Through the delivery of Psyched initiatives, the individual will accept responsibility for personal wellbeing and the everyday choices required to maintain peak condition.