Group Psyched Therapy

Our Group Psyched programmes highlight what we can learn from one another and also demonstrate how we are mirrors of each other.

Being part of a group

The old adage ‘sharing is caring’ couldn’t be more applicable when it comes to therapeutic groups and there are five key reasons why you could find encouragement or support in such an environment.

Firstly, group therapy, by definition, allows you to see yourself in the eyes of others. Being part of a group evokes fantasies and projections about each other and can often replicate the dynamics of a family system. This in turn creates fertile grounds for exploration, understanding and new experiences and perspectives.

Secondly, these groups facilitate the giving and receiving of support, feedback and connection. The group together can offer hope, inspiration, encouragement or even practical suggestions – all of which can come from the peer collective rather than from the therapist leading the group.

Thirdly, group therapy can help you find your ‘voice’ and clearly express your own feelings and needs. This is particularly important as it’s naturally difficult to stay connected to yourself while trying to connect with others.

Fourthly, these groups can help you relate to others, and yourself, in healthier ways. How many times have you wished for really honest feedback from those that care for you? A healthy group will provide this support and provide the opportunity for you to test the dialling up or down of your own personal methods for interacting with others.

And finally, group therapy provides a safety net and allows your personal confidence outside the group to grow. Many of you will no doubt experience constant transitions in both your personal and professional lives. This type of supportive group can help you navigate them.

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