Psyched's Therapy Services

We can work with you on a one-on-one basis or as part of a like-minded group, either on-site in your business or at our discreet W1 London practice

Group Therapy

The old adage ‘sharing is caring’ couldn’t be more applicable when it comes to therapeutic groups and there are many reasons why you could find encouragement or support in such an environment.

These groups facilitate the giving and receiving of support, feedback and connection. The group together can offer hope, inspiration, encouragement or even practical suggestions – all of which can come from the peer collective rather than from the therapist leading the group.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy consulting room

Our personal sessions are 50 minutes in duration and cover a wide range of presenting issues such as trauma, depression, anxiety, bereavement, relationships, suicidal thoughts, life purpose and self-esteem. However you are feeling, we are confident that one of our hand-picked therapists will be right for you.

Talking in complete confidence with a professional psychotherapist can help individuals to vocalise their internalised fears and assumptions. Creating the right space, time and environment to heal and relieve tension can be highly effective at promoting peak performance or indeed preventing the onset of physical illness.

In-house Corporate Therapy

We can bring our individual or group sessions to your offices. Tailormade to work with your needs, your teams needs or the needs of your wider business. From our handpicked group of experts we can offer tried and tested therapeutic help to heal the mind, body or soul.