Uniquely handcrafted Retreats for Therapists

Your CPD annual requirements fufilled on an all-inclusive 'whole self' wellbeing retreat with your peers

Where YOU are the journey.

The vision for Psyched’s Therapists Programmes is to bring people together regardless of what clinical or theoretical model you adhere to. We are all working toward the same quest of better health and our goal is to bring practitioners together so we can all learn from each other and develop ourselves and our relationships.

Our programmes are about community and unity, special things happen when you bring people together.

Our goal is to support people in engaging with the whole self. We believe that if provided with the right conditions and environment, it gives us space and time to connect with and listen to different parts of ourselves. The parts that are often unheard due to the demands of what we do and the turbulence of the world around us.

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Here is the unique opportunity to gain your yearly CPD requirements whilst being in a secluded environment that supports your wellbeing. You will eat an amazing diet, be in the beauty of nature in the French countryside or the Sahara desert of Egypt. There will be fellow professionals for you to network, connect and be inspired by.

The trips will be facilitated by two accredited psychotherapists and there will be a 2 hour reflective group and a 2 hour peer supervision group on 5 of the days and we will also be including a workshop over the duration on a specific topic.

  • Over 30 hours of CPD (10 hours Peer Supervision, 10 hours Group Workshop*, 10 hours Reflective Process Group)
  • Connect with nature in French countryside (not far from Toulouse) or the Sahara desert in Egypt.
  • Rest and rejuvenate
  • Have time with yourself
  • Tai Chi, Qi Gong taught by Kung Fu Master
  • Meditation sessions
  • Amazing regional food
  • Network with peers

* Group Workshop choices

Workshop 1: Authority with Glenn Nicholls

This workshop will take a closer look at what authority is and what it means to have authority. Therapists often seem to develop an ambivalent relationship to their own authority and that of others. Dictionary definitions sit uneasily within a humanistic and person-centred approach with their use words like ‘power’, ‘influence’ and the ‘right or ability to control’.

This workshop will encourage us to revisit our relationship to authority and experientially engage in how we can further develop professional authority.

Workshop 2: Creative Therapist with Simon Jacobs

This 2 day workshop-style seminar will expand your repertoire of possible creative interventions to help clients discover new ways of expressing themselves, replacing existing, unhelpful and destructive ways of being that can lead to depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and anger problems amongst others.

Developments in neuroscience have shown that lasting change takes place to the circuitry of the brain when we have new experiences – creative therapy invites clients to discover themselves afresh and ‘re-solve’ unfinished business. We will explore the use of metaphor, imagery, art, movement, voice, play, drama, and other creative ways of raising awareness, finding new resolutions and supporting growth in the client.

Workshop 3: Zen and the Art of Therapy – An experiential workshop 

Zen is not just mindfulness or meditation. It is an unconventional reservoir of practices of wisdom and compassion. It can significantly inform and inspire therapy. It can help us go beyond the clichés and limitations of our profession and make us more open to the mystery of being in the world.


Your Retreat in France includes flights, transport, accommodation, food and beverages, facilitation, workshop, meditation (£3,000 inclusive of VAT)

Your Retreat at the Siwa Oasis includes flights, transport, accommodation, food and beverages, facilitation, workshop, meditation (£3,500 inclusive of VAT)


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