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Your fitness is 100% mental. Your body won't go where your mind doesn't push it.

Welcome to the world of Psyched

Psyched was created to bridge the gap between the worlds of corporate boardrooms and psychotherapy by promoting the importance of positive mental performance and tackling the rising challenge of mental health issues in the workplace.

For many years, organisations have focused on helping their employees boost their physical health and, while this has made huge strides, at Psyched our focus is on the development of the ‘whole self’ – be that physically, mentally or emotionally.

Co-founders Ben McKie and Kathleen Saxton aim to bring together the worlds of therapy and business in a unique manner that helps organisations and individuals to maximise their collective impact.

The need to get Psyched is clear. Stress has been cited by the World Health Organization to be the number one health epidemic of the 21st Century. A joint Harvard and Stanford study concluded that high work stress levels increases the odds of a diagnosed illness by 35% and the chance of early death by 20%. It is deemed to be as dangerous to the individual as second-hand smoke.

Boost performance

In the UK alone, mental illness and struggle is now the leading cause of absenteeism costing the economy over £9bn per year. In 2017 and even closer to home, Psyched’s sister firm The Lighthouse Company identified that 95% of leaders believe that the wellbeing of their employees is their responsibility, yet 61% admitted to regularly putting the needs of the organisation above the wellbeing of the team. 77% of these leaders themselves said that they would prefer professional support with their mental wellbeing as opposed to their physical.

For years, the impact of mental training has been heralded as a critical differentiator in the performance of many of our major sporting legends. It is often cited as the major differentiator performing at 85% and 100% – the difference between an Olympic Gold or Silver medal. At Psyched, our aim is to bring this potent combination of ‘whole self’ development into the workplace, to deliver top performance for you, your team and your organisation at all times.

We do this through a number of different programmes; be it psychoeducation, retreats, individual, group or on-site therapy. The duty of care you owe to yourself and your employees starts here – and we are here ready to help you develop your organisation’s greatest assets to their full potential.