Programmes developed for the modern leadership mind

No matter the challenge - or indeed the opportunity - for you or your team, we will deliver a tailored programme to achieve the change you need.

Psyched in Residence

Psyched In Residence is a unique, powerful and pioneering three month programme of in-house face to face or remote VC service of three qualified, accredited and experienced Psychotherapists, each operating purely for you one day a week in your business as you and your teams collectively readjust from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Suited to all companies, across industry sectors.

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Psyched – The Retreat

This five-day residential programme in the idyllic French countryside takes top-performing executive teams from their day-to-day working environments, allowing them to recharge and refocus on the things that are important to delivering better results for the organisation.

Individually tailored programmes are developed to meet commercial realities facing those in industry today.

Most suited to Boards, CEOs and Executive Teams.

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Psyched in the Desert

This is a 4-5 day residential programme that allows the most adventurous creative minds to liberate themselves from the bind and grind of daily routine.

Taking place in either the Siwa Oasis or the Moroccan Sahara Desert, this programme aims to reconnect with your creative drive while regaining the instinctive vitality regularly at risk of being supressed by routine, set approaches and formulaic process.

Most suited to Adventurous Creatives.

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Retreats for Therapists

Bringing people together, regardless of the clinical or theoretical model they adhere to, is the vision for Psyched Therapists’ Programmes. We are all working toward the same quest of better health and our goal is to bring practitioners together so we can all learn from each other and develop ourselves and our relationships.

Whilst in an enriching environment that supports your wellbeing, you can take this unique opportunity to gain your full annual CPD requirements.

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Rehabilitation Programmes

This unique Psyched service is designed to deliver maximum benefit from the treatment, whilst ensuring that discretion, confidentiality and privacy are a priority. Tailored to each client’s needs, the programme’s location, duration and specialist team will be chosen to deliver the most effective treatment to support the recovery process in absolute privacy.

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