Psyched in the Desert

Take your creative spirit away from the bind and grind of daily routine, with uninterrupted time for renewal, recharging and replenishment.

An oasis of inspiration and ideation

The aim of this programme is to reconnect with your creative drive while at the same time regaining your instinctive vitality that is regularly at risk of being supressed by routine, set approaches and formulaic process. This is achieved by trekking on camels through the expanse of the desert sandscape whilst working together as a group, setting up camp at sundown where we facilitate individual work, before bedding down for the night under the stars.

We fundamentally believe that in order to innovate, we must first experience. This programme has been designed to access the subconscious and open you up to other ways of being.  For those open to new ways of thinking, ‘Psyched in the Desert’ creates the space, room and freedom to challenge and cross boundaries and see the world from a much wider perspective.

This programme helps participants to coax that shy animal of creativity out of its shell. By ensuring a literal oasis for uninterrupted thinking, breaking routine patterns and exposure to new and different experiences, we can more easily tap into our own internal sources of inspiration and ideation.


While external stimuli will always be available on your return to the working day, ‘Psyched in the Desert’ will provide the space, the stillness and the serenity to reactivate your innate sense of you and your natural sources of creativity.

Most suited to: Adventurous creatives

Suggested duration: 4-5 days

Location: Marrakech, Morocco or Siwa Oasis, Egypt


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