We are a result of where we have come from in life and our story should be honoured by giving it voice. Whilst Duncan John holds his clients’ struggles, stuckness and pain with love and compassion, he speaks to the healthy, unbroken and whole person, pointing to who they are in their completeness.

This approach enables his clients to have perspective from that place, gently moving them out of their engrained belief systems and creating transformation. We are in one single moment and that is now and we are moving in one direction in life – forward.

Relating and relationships are mankind’s biggest struggle, making the relationship everything in Duncan’s practice. Boundaries are always created and respected, but he breaks down the distinction between professional and personal, bringing his authenticity in to the therapeutic relationship, giving total permission for the client to dare to do the same.

Duncan takes a holistic approach, observing all aspects of wellbeing – mental, physical and spiritual. An essential element of my practice is a deep understanding that life is a gift, in which we need to play and experiment, take risks and create by stepping in to the land of the unknown. He makes use of settings and environments creatively that are conducive to helping my clients connect with their passions, their purpose and their Truth. In turn this helps to ignite the clients’ inner fire and creates movement towards a deeper understanding and connection with their purity and essence, allowing for their Truth to emerge.

Duncan has over five years’ experience as an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor, having trained in the humanistic/psycho-spiritual model of Psychosynthesis. His practice has also evolved in to mentoring and coaching.