My primary focus when working with my clients is to provide a safe, caring, honest and open space for you to express yourself and a solid foundation for us to build upon. Our relationship is key and from this place, personal development and the potential for growth and change can flourish. I do not believe in being a closed book in relationship with my clients, and although I am extremely careful to hold professional boundaries, I am not analytical or judgemental in my way of working. Life can be extremely difficult and I am here to listen and support you through your experiences.

I work open-ended and from a transpersonal approach, and the term ‘transpersonal’ means ‘beyond the personal’, and this reflects the core aim of this holistic approach to psychotherapy, which is to explore human growth and accompany my clients in their journey in discovering a deeper and more authentic self. I combine talking therapy with some creative work and psychodynamic, humanistic and existential approaches, suited to your individual needs.

Whilst we cannot change the past, I truly believe in the healing potential of psychotherapy in the present and for the future and that you can create a life which is purposeful and gratifying.

I have several years of experience working with clients who are victims of sexual abuse and violence in particularly in their childhood. I also have several years seeing clients with a range of issues such as depression, addiction, physical abuse, suicidal ideation, self-esteem issues, bereavement, anxiety and trauma in Notting Hill. I have completed observational work in a psychiatric institution dealing with psychosis and eating disorders.

After an initial phone conversation I will meet you for an initial consultation in which we will both get the opportunity to find out about each other and ask questions to ensure we can work together, it is important that I can support you in your expectations of therapy and that you feel I am the right therapist for you.