Jeff Reid (Rui Zi He) is a 16th generation Wudang San Feng Lineage disciple of Daoism. He is devoted to the study and practice of Daoism and Daoist martial arts. He studied and trained with enduring determination in Wudang, China, for seven years; garnering a uniquely intimate master-disciple relationship with his master.

Owing to his depth of practice and knowledge of Daoism, Jeff is a greatly sought after Daoist master. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and well versed in various different Daoist texts on health cultivation practices and life mastery. He has taught intensive workshops and seminars and given lectures in China, the United States, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Jeff has a unique way of making esoteric Daoist practices and abstruse Daoist ideas accessible, understandable, and easily applicable in daily life. He is wholly devoted to the Daoist path of holistic cultivation of the individual and works with the greater understanding and integration of the physical body with one’s whole being.

Jeff lives a life of self-cultivation and challenges clients to find ways of integrating different methods of self-cultivation into their own lives; keeping with the Daoist idea that knowing the self is true enlightenment and overcoming the self is true strength. Recognizing the power of the individual, Jeff encourages students and clients to realise and utilise the full range of their personal strengths.

Jeff believes that personal evolution comes through the cultivation of harmony within – harmony which is cultivated through the practices of strengthening the physical and energetic bodies and the quieting of the mind. In his teaching Jeff uses various Daoist practices to work toward these goals including ‘internal gazing’ meditation, ‘internal alchemy’ meditation, daoyin and qigong practice, and martial-technique-oriented forms practice such as Taijiquan.

Jeff challenges students and clients to “temper the sword of the spirit” and embody that work externally and internally through different physical and energetic practices seeking to understand, reinforce, and strengthen the connection of the mind, body, and spirit. Jeff believes that it is only through self-realisation that one can realise and actualise their full potential.