B.Sc.Hons. Dip.ONC mBANT NTCc

Having worked in healthcare since the early 1980’s, Peter Cox has been exposed to many ideas as well as different forms of medicine.  As a founder of Prestige Health, Chief Physiologist to Barbican Healthcare and then BUPA Wellness he has worked within conventional medical clinics developing and delivering lifestyle programmes to people attending health assessments.  Since 2000 Peter has worked as a Clinical Nutritionist in private practice and in 2006 was appointed as Nuffield Health’s Head of Nutrition, with the responsibility for the development of nutrition related services

In his current clinics, he works alongside some of the Capital’s leading clinicians to provide the best of integrative healthcare, including the provision of nutritional services to ‘top people’s’ health concierge service, Viavi Ltd. As part of his efforts to contribute to the most effective ‘outcome driven’ healthcare, Peter collaborates with a team of leading Medical Specialists and receives referrals from a number of medical consultants, GPs, psychologists, physiotherapists and PTs among others.

Nutritional medicine offers a modern evidence based approach in providing safe, gentle and effective treatments for many health conditions, whilst being grounded in traditional philosophies about health.  Effective nutrition also enhances performance, at work, home and for sports.  In order to assist in the accurate and effective treatment of health conditions, Peter offers a wide range of conventional and functional tests, including blood tests.

Having qualified as a Clinical Nutritionist, gaining a distinction in the Diploma in Optimal Nutritional Consulting and a Diploma in Sports Nutrition in 2000, Peter is now registered with the BANT (British Association for Nutritional Therapy) and the Department of Health’s Council for Natural Healthcare (CNHC).  He also practices First Line Therapy which enables him to incorporate his experience as a teacher of Autogenic Training (relaxation technique) and exercise with nutritional therapy in order to provide a comprehensive and effective therapeutic approach to many health conditions.  Audits demonstrate 100% of his clients report improvement in their health and 99.4% of clients would recommend this service to friends and family.

Peter has given many seminars and workshops to a wide range of organizations about aspects of nutrition and health, including to Bain and Co, Goldman Sachs Int, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Barclays, Barclays Capital, Clifford Chance, Allen, London Underground and Overy and Nuffield Health, among others.  He has appeared on a number of TV programmes including the BBC’s ‘Truth about Food’ and ‘Go for it’, Channel 4’s ‘Sensational Secrets of the 80s’, Sky’s ‘Extraordinary Lives’  (The Truth about size 0), Tyne Tees’ ‘Britain’s Healthiest Couple’ and on TVAM.  Peter has also been featured in a wide range of publications including ‘She’, ‘Top Sante’, ‘Metro’ and ‘GQ’, amongst others.