Shifu Heng Wei is a 35th Generation Master from Shaolin (China). He began his training in martial arts at the age of 6 and such was his dedication to the training and discipline involved he became a Master at the age of 16.  In addition to training in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Shifu Heng Wei also studied Tai Chi (both Chen and Yang styles) as a way to balance his energies and work on both his internal and external strength.

Whilst the Kung Fu builds up the body on the physical side, the Tai Chi teaches the softer side of martial arts and works on improving, breath, stance, circulation, co-ordination and works on calming the mind. Tai Chi is a moving meditation and helps to promote well-being on all levels.

Shifu Heng Wei has been living and teaching in the UK since 2003 and not only teaches at his own school but also provides training for private corporate clients, schools and one to ones. In addition to this he has performed extensively for clients such as Elton John (Black Tie Ball), Charity Balls, Cambridge University, HSBC,  RAF, RAC, BBC, Channel 4 and ITV and has appeared in a variety of videos.