Psyched Global now offers you the opportunity to purchase an advanced molecular diagnostic centred on personalised health and genetic testing. Completed with a simple, pain free cheek swab, the test results will reveal what works best for your body. There is no more ‘one size fits all’. This is personalised medicine, where your body determines what works.

Genecept Assay®

The Genecept Assay® is a genetic test designed to help clinicians optimise treatment decisions for their patients with mental illness. It identifies patient-specific genetic markers that indicate which treatments are likely to work as intended, have no effect, or cause adverse effects. It is an easily administered cheek swab test that analyzes key genes, selected based on hundreds of studies showing that variations in these genes can inform treatment decisions.

The Assay is used to guide treatment for a range of psychiatric conditions, including: Depression, Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Autism, Schizophrenia, Chronic Pain and Substance Abuse.

Diet, Health & Fitness

The Nutrifit DNA test examines specific genes and elimates the guess work out of dieting.  A simple saliva test, the results reveal which specific micro- and macro-nutrients your body needs, the effect of alcohol, coffee and lactose on your metabolism and provide a deeper understanding of which sports and exercises best benefit your muscles.

The DNA analysis will also reveal if you have a propensity for high cholesterol, high blood sugar, weak bones and obesity.  Similarly, the results will also show if you are prone to oxidative stress (and its possible effect on your speed of aging).