LAUNCH: Psyched In Residence – Transitioning to Recovery

Today we are launching a new service from Psyched: Psyched In Residence – Transitioning to Recovery.

Psyched In Residence is a unique, powerful and pioneering three month programme of in-house face to face or remote VC service of three qualified, accredited and experienced Psychotherapists, each operating purely for you one day a week in your business as you and your teams collectively readjust from COVID-19.

Psyched arranges all the logistics and bookings via our confidential platform and your teams get weekly access across the selection of your three chosen psychotherapists.

Whether your team members bring a professional concern, an emotional and physical challenge or even a severe psychological disorder activated by the outcome of the pandemic – our therapists are fully able to hold and guide through their material with utmost safety, steadying them through the recovery.

We know as leaders we will be remembered for how we behaved during this critical time and this is a unique and highly forward thinking, effortless service we can offer to help your teams feel you cared and you acted.

Full details of the programme are available here.

If you are interested to understand more please let Ben or Kathleen know as soon as possible – on and