Psyched makes thought provoking debut at Ad Week Europe

Psyched was delighted to take to the stage for the first time at Advertising Week Europe with the Mental Manifestos session. Moderated by Psyched co-founder Ben McKie, we allowed for three very different manifestos on mental health and performance.

These were presented from the world of academia, the boardroom and the street. Legendary psychologist and author Oliver James first presented his thoughts from an academic standpoint. Followed by Lighthouse founder and Psyched co-founder Kathleen Saxton who bridged the world of psychotherapy into the business world. Finally, Hussain Manawer, astronaut-to-be and Guinness World Record holder for hosting the world’s largest ever mental health seminar gave a view directly from the street – as well as the very first performance of his most recent spoken-word track ‘I’m Ashamed’.

Watch the film of each of the manifestos and the following Q&A below.